Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Puta Power!

While Spitzer begins to looks for new hobbies, let me take a moment to recommend a great move about whores or as they are known in Spanish as “putas.”

The Railroad All-Stars (Estrellas de La LĂ­nea), a documentary released in 2006, takes place along “La Linea” a crime-filled part of Guatemala City along the railroad tracks where the destitute hookers earn a couple dollars per act. With the $$$ that Elliot spends on putas, he could have had all of the Guatemalan hookers he wanted. None of this $5,000 for an hour. Anyway, the putas form a soccer team to raise awareness and equality for all putas. After they got kicked out of soccer league after people found out their profession, they took to the road challenging teams throughout the country and actually played pretty well. It’s a sincere portrayal of their lives, at times sad and at times funny. Especially funny when the grandma puta’s (since retired) glass eye falls out.

And yes, it has English subtitles for my friends and family who don’t speak Spanish.

Here are some definitions I looked up as I wrote this post:

1. a woman who engages in promiscuous sexual intercourse, usually for money; prostitute; harlot; strumpet.
–verb (used without object)

–noun 1. a woman who engages in sexual intercourse for money; whore; harlot.
2. a man who engages in sexual acts for money.
3. a person who willingly uses his or her talent or ability in a base and unworthy way, usually for money.
–verb (used with object)

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