Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tamale Tuesday

As many people know, I love a good tamale. Last week I told a few friends at work that I would be hosting a “Tamale Tuesday” and bring in homemade tamales from the tamale lady for a $1 a piece. I was honored with an aware at a staff meeting last week and a similar event that I created (Taco Tuesday) was mentioned so I took the opportunity to invite the entire office to today’s Tamale Tuesday. I worked from home in the morning and then picked up a special order of 40 tamales from the tamale lady's apartment. I expected to only go through 10-15, but went through over 30! I sold them at cost for a $1 because the whole purpose of the event was to get people out of their offices and spend a few minutes socializing. The tamale interest is there, now we just have to work on the socializing. It’s tough in corporate America, but I’ll keep trying.
Note: This is not a picture from the Midtown office, but actually from someone in Texas.

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